Help save these items from the bin.  Please take note of the 'Best Before' dates of each item. 

The products listed below have Best Before Dates, not Use by Dates. A Best Before Date is about quality and not safety. Instead of throwing products away when they are near or over the 'Best Before date', we offer it here at a discount or sometimes even for free, as a way to combat food waste. We are so sure about the quality of our products that we quarantee it for an additional 6 weeks after the Best Before Date has been reached.  

We encourage you to take some of our Gratis/Free items to try out something new or enjoy a familiar flavour. However any Gratis/Free items ordered will be given at our discretion and are not guaranteed to be included in your order.
(Free items are for paying customers only. Please be considerate - other people would also like to enjoy a free product.)