Chilli Bites

No South African shop can be complete without South Africa's favourite spicy snack: Chilli Bites!

Our Chilli Bites are made by 2 different butchers - one right here in the Netherlands and the other across the pond in the UK. 

What is the diffference you may ask?
Whilst both butchers are using high quality European meat and authentic South African spices - they each have their own special recipe.

Another slight difference is the level of spicyness. The NL Chilli Bites have a solid 'bite' to it where our UK Chilli Bites are for those who really like to take it up a notch. Do you dare?  



NL Chilli Bites - 500g
New stock expected every Friday afternoon.
€ 23,00
Price per 500g
NL Chilli Bites -200g
New stock expected every Friday afternoon.
€ 9,20
Price per 200g
NL Chilli Bites - 100g
New stock expected every Friday afternoon.
€ 4,60
Price per 100g
Simply African Chilli Bite Biltong Snap Sticks - (UK)
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€ 14,00
Price per 250g Pack

Q: Why is your Chilli Bites not made in South Africa?
A: Import of beef from South Africa is prohibited. So we made sure that everything else is truly South African. 

Q: What is the difference between Biltong & Chilli Bites?
A: The most obvious difference is that Chilli Bites are of course spicy, but that is not the only difference. The cut of the beef is also different. Bitong is made with big strips of beef where Chilli Bites are made from smaller strips of beef. 

Q: What is the difference between Paper Bag and Vacuum? 
A: Chilli Bites  are best kept in Paper Bag as it is aready relatively dried out, but if you do plan on keeping yours for a month or two then vacuum is the better option.