No South African shop can be complete without South Africa's other favourite snack: Droëwors

Our Droëwors is made by 2 different butchers - one right here in the Netherlands and the other across the pond in the UK. 

What is the diffference you may ask?
Whilst both butchers are using high quality European meat and authentic South African spices - they each have their own special recipe.

It simply is a matter of taste, but we think both are delicious. 




Q: Why is your Droëwors not made in South Africa?
A: Import of beef from South Africa is prohibited. So we made sure that everything else is truly South African. 

Q: Does your Droëwors contain pork?
A: Yes, we make our Droëwors the traditional way which includes pork for an all round better flavour. 

Q: What is the difference between Paper Bag and Vacuum? 
A: We recommend Paper Bag as this is the best method to keep Droëwors good for quiet some time, but if you are planning on saving it a month or two vacuum is the better option.  

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