RWC2023 Competition

Competition Rules

This Rugby World Cup Championship we will have competitions running up to 8 important Rugby matches on social media. Follow and like our Facebook and/or Instagram to enter and stand a chance at winning awesome South African and Springbok prizes!

Here are the rules - please be lekker and follow them:

1. Entries are valid up until kick off. One entry per person per social media platform. Don't try and use the fake profile that you stalk your ex with, we will find out and let them know who you are. 
2. Winners will be announced a day or two after the game. Don't be a 'Willie' talking to the ref about who is winning; the ref will make a fair call and remember, nobody needs an ear full with a babelas.
3. Cheating will be a sin bin offensive. It's been tried and failed before. We will name and shame. 
4. The winner will be from either Facebook or Instagram. In case of multiple winners the prize will be split equally (by us. If you are not happy with this arrangement we will go the parental route and make you divide the prizes and then have the other winners choose first.) 
5. In case of no clear winner, the winner will be decided by us based on our criteria. 
6. Do you not like our rules? We suggest running your own competion and giving away your own prizes. We would love the opportunity to enter such a nice competition. 
7. We are a EU based shop. If you enter from outside the EU you will pay for our flight to deliver the prize to you. 
8.Lastly.. lets keep it light -lets leave the fighting to the boys on the field.