Biltong, Chilli Bites & Droëwors

Due to the postal delays caused by Covid19 we will be posting all of our Biltong vacuumed.

Our Biltong, Droëwors and Chilli Bites are made by 3 different butchers - one right here in the Netherlands and 2 others across the pond in the UK. 

What is the diffference you may ask?
Whilst all our butchers are using high quality European meat and authentic South African spices - they each have their own special spices.

Another slight difference is the amount of fat on the Biltong. For those of us who are looking for a leaner option we recommend the Hunters Biltong. For a little bit of fat we suggest the UK Biltong and for the fattiest Biltong we recommend Simply African. 

Lastly we have a range of pre-packed Biltongs from Simply African, one of our UK suppliers. These snack packs come in different flavours and has a super long shelf life which makes it an ideal gift! Or try out their Biltong and Chilli Snap Stix!

Q: Why is your biltong not made in South Africa?
A: Import of beef from South Africa is prohibited. So we made sure that everything else is truly South African. 

Q: Do you have a spicy biltong?
A: Yes, the Simply African packets come in a Chilli Beef Biltong and a Peppered flavour. And if you are looking for something with a even bigger bite then check out our Chilli Bites. 

Q: What is the difference between Paper Bag and Vacuum? 
A: If you are planning on devouring your Biltong within 2 days like we normally do, paperbag is the way to go. If you plan on eating your biltong in a a week or even a month or two then vacuum is the better option. If you do buy Paper Bag and decide not to eat it all - check out our FAQ section on storage!